Pink Chocolate

Pink Chocolate

Tickled Pink® Chocolate is not only a Trademark, it is Trade dress with the color pink as a chocolate bar, which makes this a unique ‘Pink’ way to upscale your events and cliental. License agreements are welcomed.
  • $27.95 - $29.95 for a 6 pack
  • $17.95 for a 3 pack
  • A Variety Pack (6 chocolate bars assorted) - Pink, Milk and Dark Tickled Pink® Chocolate
Tickled Pink® Chocolate

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We do not ship outside the continental US.

Premium Handcrafted Chocolate are also Custom made for that special occasion,  they are great gifts for Client Appreciation, Weddings, Trade Shows, Personalize Corporate Gifts, & Fundraising!
  • Fundraising Opportunities are available for Tickled Pink® Chocolate, upon request, PROFIT is over 40%!
  • Get Tickled Pink® Chocolate Personalized for your Company, Wedding, at your Event and as a Promotional Item upon request.

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